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NDP-71D Fault: No power.
Remedy: Replace 2.5 amp fuse on main PCB.


Fault: No picture on main unit.
Remedy: Re-solder dry joints on the two screen mute switches on front of main PCB. These are actuated by two prongs when the front screen is closed.


Fault: No picture and buttons on main unit not working.
Remedy: Reseat floppy cable from LCD to main PCB (Damaged hinges can cause problem).


Fault: Laser skipping.
Remedy: Clean grit from gear train of loader assembly.



Fault: Not Tuning.
Remedy: Check and resolder diode array D82 to D85 feeding regulator U1.
Normal input to regulator U1 is 8.7 volts, the output should be 3.7 volts.



Fault: No Power or Picture.
Remedy: Replace capacitors in power supply (470uF 25V). These are X6, C57, C58, C60, C61, C101, C102.


Fault: Sound Issues.
Remedy: Replace capacitors on the main board near speaker connectors E51, E59.



Fault: Unit switches off.
Remedy: Power adaptor not holding 12 volts output properly. Replace the AC adaptor.



Fault: Pin stripe lines on picture.
Remedy: Ripple on 5V supply, replace C234 (1000uF 25V) in power supply.



Fault: No Picture (No LCD backlight), sound OK.
Remedy: Replace opened fuse F5 on inverter board.



Fault: No Picture (No LCD backlight), sound OK.
Remedy: Check transformers on inverter PCB. Measure between pins 5 & 8 of the transformer and it should read around 1.9k ohms when cold. If it reads 2.0k ohms or higher when cold, replace the transformer.



Fault: Will not switch on, LED on front is orange and can be flashing.
Remedy: Replace C905 in the power supply (330uF 16V).


Fault: Picture freezing, no function response, processor hanging.
Remedy: Check and / or replace power supply.


Fault: If the power supply required has the symptoms of No Power, Not Starting / LED Flashing, Remote Not Functioning, Lines on Picture and Poor Filtering.

Remedy: Replace capacitors in secondary stage of power supply. Obtain “Power Supply Repair Kit” Part Number 32HDB2CAPKIT Service Guide


NLT-40DEM2 (or similar)

Weird Faults: Lines on picture or blocky picture. Green and pink moire pattern, even remote control not working.
Remedy: Refer DVB-T tuning module P/No A1C5L00ZN01, Replace C466 (100uF 16V).



Fault: Picture blocks out. Breaks up intermittently from HDMI input.
Remedy: Click here



Fault: No picture, LCD backlights are OK.
Remedy: Replace open thermal fuse on LCD control board (sits on the back of the panel).


HDB3&HDB4 Series LCD

Fault: Not tuning digital TV, picture dropout, not detecting channels during tuning. Weird symptoms with digital TV.
Remedy: Replace 1N4001 bridge rectifier diodes D82 to D85.



Fault: No picture. Intermittent no picture or lines on screen.
Remedy: Refer tuner PCB. Replace V904 surface mount. You can use a 2SC1815 for a replacement, but it is a bit tricky to mount.



Fault: Green, red or coloured speckles.
Remedy: Software enhancement required.

Please read these instructions.



Fault: Green or coloured speckles.
Remedy: Click here



Fault: No Va 60V from power supply. N5014 Regulator blown.
Remedy: Replace parts in power supply.
N5014 (STRF6600), R5079 (0.39 ohm), C5064 (22uf), D5028 (TAU1P), C5061 (100pf 1kv), R5082 (680 ohm chip), C5059 (680pf chip) and R5088 (10 ohm chip).



Fault: Outdoor fan motor not working.
Parts Notice: Outdoor control unit board.

Information: Click here for more details.



Fault: Indoor unit powers up and functions okay. Communication Error Code 36.
Outdoor Unit not Functioning. [Compressor and Fan not working]

Remedy: Refer to trouble shooting instructions here

SDEM3 Series LCD

Fault: Not tuning digital TV, picture dropout, not detecting channels during tuning. Weird symptoms with digital TV.
Remedy: Replace 1N4001 bridge rectifier diodes D70 to D73.



Fault: Intermittent or No Picture.
Remedy: This may be a safety error condition caused by the object sensor. Please Click here for further information.



Projector Service Manual Supplement.

Series VT60, NP600, VT70, NP610

VT80, NP-M350X, VT90, NP-M420X NP3150, NP-M350XS, NP3250, NP-P420X, VT700 VT770, NP905


 Subject: LCD Projector Service Manual Supplement click here


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